Site Clean-Up Planning and Remediation

Below are the sequenced activities for the clean-up planning and remediation process and associated outreach required by the EPA and/or Vermont DEC for funding. Prior to contracting for remediation work that is to be funded by the EPA, MARC will assist the interested applicant in obtaining a Brownfields EPA Eligibility Determination for Clean-Up and in determining the best available options for funding clean-up planning and remediation activities. 

Brownfields EPA Eligibility Determination for Clean-Up

Community Relations Plan (CRP) or Community Involvement Plan (CIP)

An approved site-specific plan detailing the strategy to enable meaningful outreach efforts, prior to and during the clean-up process, that involve the local community within which the brownfield site is located.

Corrective Action Feasibility Investigations (CAFI) or Analysis of Brownfields Clean Up Alternatives (ABCA)

An evaluation of remediation options and associated costs, while balancing environmental protection and site redevelopment goals

  • Identification of redevelopment scenarios
  • Identification of remedial alternatives
  • Engineering evaluation of remedial alternatives and selection of preferred alternative
  • Required by DEC to be included in all DEC approved Corrective Action Plans
  • Required by EPA for grants and loans through the  Southern Windsor County Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund (SWCBRLF)

Corrective Action Plan

A plan detailing the specific remedial actions necessary to implement the preferred alternative selected in the CAFI /ABCA process. A Corrective Action Plan is required for all EPA and DEC funding.