River Corridor Planning

Black River Corridor Plan

Compiled in 2011 by MARC. This plan brings together technical data on the condition of the Black River and its tributaries with local land use planning and regulations, focusing primarily on hazard mitigation and improving water quality. 

Black River Phase 1 and 2 Stream Geomorphic Assessments

Prepared for MARC between 2007 and 2010. In 2007, a  Phase 1 Stream Geomorphic Assessment (“SGA”) was carried out accordance with Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources protocols. The report divided the Black River and its tributaries into numbered reaches (sections of river). The Phase 1 report prioritized stream sections to be evaluated in the  Phase 2 SGA which was completed in 2009. An  addendum was added in 2010 for the Patch and Buffalo Brooks which feed into the Ludlow Lakes.

Hubbard Brook Phase 1 Stream Geomorphic Assessment

Hubbard Brook Phase 1 Stream Geomorphic Assessment Prepared for MARC in 2008 by Fitzgerald Environmental Associates.

Mill Brook Phase II Stream Geomorphic Assessment

The Mill Brook runs from its headwaters in Reading through West Windsor and Windsor to the Connecticut River. The Corridor Plan is the result of Phase I and Phase II Stream Geomorphic Assessments conducted during 2013 and 2014 which examined individual reaches of the Mill Brook for flood vulnerabilities and physical and biological conditions. The 2015 report contains detailed information on the health of the Mill Brook and opportunities to promote flood resiliency within the watershed.

Springfield Reservoir Engineering Evaluation

Prepared in 2012 by DuBois & King for the Town of Springfield. 

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