In order to receive funding through this program, owners or bona fide prospective purchasers must first fill out an eligibility application for the program. Generally, an owner is not eligible if he/she can be considered responsible for the contamination. This application is reviewed by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) staff and by the program contact at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If a site is determined to be eligible for the program, an application and financial documentation must be submitted for review by the Brownfields Steering Committee at MARC. Once approved, MARC will provide a subgrant or loan agreement for the subgrantee or borrower prior to procurement of clean-up activities to be funded.

This June 2021, for the second year in a row, MARC’s Brownfield’s Revolving Loan fund received a supplemental award from the EPA for the clean-up of contaminated sites for redevelopment. This infusion of $350,000 will be used to remediate sites where reuse projects can help to stimulate the local economy by either creating jobs, providing housing, or creating valuable green space included in their final evaluation.

Application requirements are listed below. For forms, click on the links provided or contact Cindy Ingersoll at the MARC office (802)674-9201.

Loan/Grant Application Requirements:
  • Eligibility Application
  • Grant/Loan Application
  • Redevelopment plans
  • Supporting information (all previous reports including ASTM Phase I or equivalent and any other site assessment documents that were completed without EPA funding from MARC)
  • Corrective Action Plan approved by Vermont DEC
  • Financial documentation (listed on the Loan application)