Local Planning Technical Assistance

Staff are available to assist with a variety of land use planning initiatives including, but not limited to: 

1. Public involvement/outreach; 

2. Development of municipal plans, build-out analyses and other local planning documents; 

3. Preparation of non-regulatory municipal plan implementation tools (e.g. Capital Budget and Program, plans to support the municipal plan, advisory commissions, etc.); 

4. Development of land use regulations (e.g. zoning, subdivision and flood hazard area bylaws, impact fees under 24 V.S.A. Chapter 131, and municipal ordinances under 24 V.S.A. Chapter 59); 

5. Act 250 and legal requirements for adoption and enforcement of municipal plans, bylaws and ordinances; 

6. Telephone and written advisory opinions for zoning administrators, zoning boards of adjustment, and planning commissions regarding specific issues under review; and, 

7. Training for municipal staff and boards