Clean Water Design and Implementation Block Grant

Mount Ascutney Regional Commission is pleased to announce the release of Round 6 Request for Applications for the Clean Water Design & Implementation Block Grant funded by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP). This funding will support the design and implementation of clean water projects throughout the state of Vermont. Please be sure to thoroughly review the information on Project Eligibility for this Round 6, which can be found in the DIBG Grant application and associated appendices linked below. 

  • Grant Round Announced: May 26, 2022
  • Application Deadline: July 7, 2022 by 4:30 pm EST
  • Anticipated Notification of Award: August 1, 2022
  • Anticipated Subgrant Agreement Execution: By or before  August 29, 2022
  • Project Completion / Grant Close-out: By or before October 1, 2024

These grant application requirements are based on the FY21 Clean Water Initiative Funding Policy(CWIFP). Project types, performance measures, milestones and deliverables can be found in the policy document. As noted in the application form, not all project types listed in the Policy are eligible for this program funding. In addition, eligibility for this Round 6 has changed since the prior Round 5. We encourage you to thoroughly review the Round 6 Application and FY2021 CWIFP before applying, as there have been some modifications in project types, match requirements and requirements for projects on private property. Note that a subgrant agreement with MARC may have additional deliverables depending upon the outcome of the Natural Resources Project Screening. 

Please direct all inquiries regarding this program to

If you have not participated in this program in the past and want to be sure you are on our email distribution list, please email your contact information to

For our current subgrantees, these new FY2021 policies do not affect your current agreements. 

Please continue to send all materials and questions to

Application Materials (updated 5-23-2022)

Sub-Grantee Resources (updated 8-15-2022)


*The Municipal Invoicing Template form can be used to invoice for Town expenditures or Support File for In-kind Reporting

Quarterly Reporting:
  • Quarterly Progress Report (all projects)

*Quarterly Progress Report Forms are project specific and will be provided with your subgrant agreement

Interim and Final Reporting:

*Also refer to Attachment D – Other Grant Provisions for Clean Water Initiative Program Grants & Contracts

*Refer to DEC Staff Interim Design Check-In Form for additional information regarding this requirement

*This Excel file template replaces the previous fillable PDF Final Performance Report and BMP Report forms

*The Third Party O&M Plan and Agreement template is for implementation projects with non-owner O&M responsible party)

Guidance Documents:

*Attachment D is a reference for policy, deliverables, and final reporting guidance